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I was just talking to someone about the global banking problem, and I want you to understand something very simple and basic....

any contract you sign, equaling debt you have now acquired, is just that a signed piece of paper. no matter what laws they implement, no matter how many legal terms they come up with, it is still just a signed piece of paper.

whenever that signed piece of paper becomes a problem, as far as your independence, sovereignty, freedom, etc. is concerned as a human being, you have the right to say NO, man as a thought of Allah (swt) always has a CHOICE.

they will try to make you believe everything else under the sun, but the truth (natural fact) is, no matter how many pieces of paper you sign, and no matter what they say on them, you can still say NO right now.

or did you not understand the HEROISM degree??? or Jesus telling the storm to BE STILL...

the past is not the present, when you signed it THEN, you were under a specific understanding, and that is, you were signing it as an equal party, and had absolutely no intentions of removing your own independence/ sovereignty/ freedom in signing it. and so, any attempts by anyone else to use a contract to create a debt that becomes a force to ENSLAVE or OPPRESS YOU, is actually a NULIFIER (BREECH) of the contract. the reservation of the ultimate INALIENABLE RIGHT to remain free and sovereign is IMPLIED by the fact that you came in as a SOVEREIGN/INDEPENDENT/FREE party in the first place. and as it is your INALIENABLE RIGHT, it is really ETERNAL, eve if SECULAR LAW DISAGREES, by NATURE you are still free, it isn't until MEN come and ENFORCE SLAVERY, PRISON, OPPRESSION, POVERTY, etc. upon you....

I know that's not what SECULAR LAW (MAN-MADE JURISPRUDENCE) will tell you. but as MOSLEMS we are under DIVINE LAW (GOD-MADE JURISPRUDENCE) , always remember that in the long run, in MOSLEM GOVERNMENTS, DIVINE LAW IS THE HIGHEST LAW, and when it come to your NOT BEING ENSLAVED, you have what I call the F-YOU FACTOR. lol....

for example, the F.R.B. (FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) tricked the U.S.A. into a bad position using CREDIT DEBT, and this same trick is played all over the world. except in predominantly MOSLEM COUNTRIES, because KORAN LAW is the highest law, and YOU MUST ACT ACCORDINGLY. now, where DEMOCRACY (MOB RULES) is dominating, they have this problem of CREDIT DEBT, but where KORAN RULES, there is a known fact, and that is.

if you try to use this contract to OPPRESS ME, TREAT ME UNJUSTLY, FORCE ME INTO POVERTY, TAKE MY CROWN, REMOVE MY SOVEREIGNTY, etc. we will simply say F-YOU....lol. ..

remember this, ALL LAWS are enforced by FORCE, if there is no PHYSICAL FORCE backing up the LAW, it is NO LAW AT ALL. the same thing goes with a SO-CALLED DEBT. I mean really think about it, what is a DEBT??? is it tangible?? is it PHYSICAL??? is it REAL??? does it THINK??? does it COME LOOKING FOR YOU??? really think about it.

all DEBT were originally based upopn the HONOR SYSTEM which was based upon ones CREDIBILITY, but now it has been turned into "CREDIT", a way for someone to drag you into a FICTIONAL STATE OF EXISTENCE called being IN DEBT, and using that to ENSLAVE YOUR LIFE TO THEM.....which is DISHONORABLE (and MALICIOUS) on their part.

I am not telling you not to fulfill your debts, or not to honor your contracts, in fact, this is not legal advice at all....I am just speaking to you REALISTICALLY for a moment. so that we can begin to clear our minds of all this folly going on around us.....and see what is really going on...

but one thing many of our people find out about is the F-YOU FACTOR, when CREDITORS COME CALLING, but cant PHYSICALLY ENFORCE THAT DEBT UPON YOU, what do you tell them??? F-YOU, do what you want, who cares, lol....this is actually a form of expressing your SOVEREIGNTY, but they don't want you to realize this....even though they do it to you all of the time.

this is one of the real reasons they got rid of the real RULERS, EMPERORS, MONARCHS, DICTATORS, etc. because if they tried to run this game on the CROWN (RULER) he would see it for what it is, a way to enslave him and his people, and he would PROTECT THE CROWN, and they would wake up in the middle of the night with the KINGS MEN standing there, and all of their property would be CONFISCATED. ...

for example, ADOLF HITLER had a mean F-YOU game, he didn't care what he signed, only who had the most force to enforce it, or stop it from being enforced. if it REMAINED in his best interest, he fulfilled it, but if you used it to try to ENSLAVE GERMANY into some form of OPPRESSION, you would wake up with the S.S. at your door....I know you will not like that example, but it is the same truth for all REAL LEADERS, if what you did became a DETRIMENT to the NATION AND ITS SOVEREIGNTY, the LEADERSHIP would say F-YOU, and stop you in your tracks. period. and we would call them HEROES for that. now BARACK OBAMA cant even pass the most simplest laws with the PERMISSION of CONGRESS who is predominantly controlled by the CORPORATIONS footing their bills/expenses. if BARACK OBAMA had REAL POWER, he would tell all of them F-YOU, we are going to make these necessary changes for the benefit and betterment of the NATION, and if you don't like it, MOVE or get REMOVED. you might not like that idea either, but that's REAL NATURAL LAW in effect, that's REAL SOVEREIGNTY, the PAPER-SOVEREIGN- DEGREE is but a card game being played with your TRUE ETERNAL RIGHTS....if you but knew...

when they removed your LEADERSHIP, they turned you into a DESOLATE/DISSOLVED NATION OF PEOPLE, and they could SHEER YOU like SHEEP without a SHEPHERD.

we have to wake up to certain things, if we are to remove them from our REALMS, and return to our own REAL REGNUM, under our own REAL REGENCIES. if we are to control our own NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, we must have a certain understanding about how the REAL WORLD WORKS (which I call GLOBAL POLITICS as adverse to INTERNATIONAL DISCOURSE), so that we can manifest LAWS equal to that....in order to REALLY PROTECT, GUIDE and SAVE OUR SELVES from these devils out here.

if the U.S.A. would have seen the tricks the F.R.B. were playing, and said NO SIR we aren't going for that, F-YOU, and went and took all of their PROPERTY and carried on the business of making our lives better, who would have stopped them??? but we are so stuck on PIECES OF PAPER instead of REAL LAWS and REAL PROTECTION by REAL LEADERSHIP, that we have been SHEERED by these wolves in sheep's clothing over and over again.

think about it, some banks tell our NATIONAL GOVERNMENT it owes them a trillion dollars, and our N.G. says we'll pay you in payments over time, and the banks say NO we want it all now, or else....OR ELSE WHAT???? think about it.....or esle what??? anyway...

you always have a CHOICE.....always. .....

just think about what I am saying, that's all, just think about it. if we make those same mistakes, we will end up in the same position over and over again....

the whole DEBT issue is a GAME (ENFORCED FICTION), either YOU POSSESS a thing, or you do not. we must learn the truth about OWNERSHIP, TITLES, DEEDS, TRUST, INHERITANCE, ACTUAL TRADE versus VIRTUAL/FIAT TRADE, etc.

because once you realize that DEBT is a FICTION, then the one you owe the DEBT to must be a FICTION also, who is this "CREDITOR" that gave you this FICTITIOUS CREDIT that now has you in FICTITIOUS DEBT??? this is all based upon "AGREEMENT", you either AGREE or you do not AGREE with what is going on, and for as long as you AGREE with it, it is carried out with your WILLING COMPLIANCE.

for example, the COLONIST came to AMERICA under the UNIVERSAL RULE of the KING OF BRITAIN, and his word was ALL POWERFUL, until the COLONIST decided they had enough, and they took him to "WAR" to ENFORCE THEIR NEW POSITION, the KING LOST, and thus LOST HIS POWER over the COLONIST, re-read your DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, and see how much they think of an OPPRESSIVE RULERSHIP... .always remember that document, because it is the FOUNDATION that the U.S. CONSTITUTION is BASED UPON, without the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, really a DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY, there would be no CONTINENTAL CONGRESS or their CONSTITUTION forming a UNION (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) today.

don't you have the same RIGHT to say NO to an OPPRESSIVE, UNJUST, UNFAIR, ENSLAVING CONTRACT/DEBT? ?? but anyway,

we must understand the simplest truth, all LAW is "FORCE DIRECTED BY WILL", FORCE alone is not LAW, and WILL alone is not LAW. there must be a WILL that ENACTS/MAKES the LAW, and a FORCE under the DIRECTION of that WILL to ENFORCE THE LAW, this is why you keep hearing about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which is supposed to be enforced by the EXECUTIVE WILL (PRESIDENT). the two are supposed to be one. under GOOD LEADERSHIP this is the case, under BAD LEADERSHIP it is not. and whether you want to admit it or not, 200 or 300 people all voting their own ways in CONGRESS is never GOOD LEADERSHIP, somebody must be the prime focus of DUTY, OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY. that's what HKMSTA 29 is all about.


now the MAGISTRATE is SOVEREIGN, and the SUBJECT is SOVEREIGN, it is only a false belief, or a tyrannical ruler, that thinks the SUBJECTS are not SOVEREIGNS. but in the MSTA, a SUBJECT can actually LEAVE ANYTIME they want, because their SUBJECTION/SUBMISSION (MEMBERSHIP) is VOLUNTARY, while you are here, you are AGREEING to BE HERE of your own free will and accord. and thus PARTIALLY SUBJECT YOURSELF under the JURISDICTION of the LEADERSHIP (AUTHORITY).

your MEMBERSHIP is your VOTE/VOICE, and when you feel it is OPPRESSIVE, UNJUST, UNFAIR, etc. you can LEAVE, and then your VOTE is cast in that direction, and its all REAL/ORGANIC, not FICTIONAL. I know you vote for me because YOU ARE PHYSICALLY HERE DOING THE WORK, and I know your not, if your not....get me???

and the LEADERSHIP receives all of his power from his MEMBERSHIPS SUPPORT. for example, ELIJAH MUHAMMAD was one of the most POWERFUL MEN in AMERICA, why??? because at the drop of a dime his people OBEYED everything he said, no questions asked. like that idea or not,because of that fact, the N.O.I. had ENORMOUS POWER in the AFFAIRS OF MEN. and this is why the MSTA today does not. because someone lied to us that being a MOOR means being BUNCH OF SELFISH INDIVIDUALS WHO DO FOR NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES AND ARE TOO AFRAID TO BECOME ONE STRUCTURED ENTITY, WITH ONE LEADER, WHO WE ALL FOLLOW TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, AND BEYOND IT.

until we get that back, we will never have any real success. not when the PRESIDENTS of other countries can order MILLIONS of theri onw nationals to WAR, and those nationals (as soldiers) will willingly give their life for their NATIONS cause......


if the federal reserve bank came to FARRAKHAN right now and said you signed some piece of paper and owe us a TRILLION DOLLARS, and FARRAKHAN said this is UNJUST, UNFAIR, OPPRESSIVE and SLAVERY, and I WILL NOT PAY, then the federal reserve ran to the U.S.A. and got them to back up their CONTRACT with MILITARY FORCE, and FARRAKHAN said I WILL NOT BE TAKEN ALIVE, I'M NOT PAYING AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LETS GO TO WAR.....what do you really think would happen???? there would be a PEACE TREATY of some sort, because FARRAKHAN got too many people that will DIE FOR HIM AS THEIR LEADER, and once that started, ASIATICS ALL OVER AMERICA that have nothing to do with the NOI would get involved. but that's a POWER the world RESPECTS, and that's a fact. and that's what the MOORS must come together and have, the only other alternative is our eventual extinction.. .

and it does not just have to be about war, that same kind of NUMERICAL STRENGTH of all FOLLOWING ONE REAL LEADER is seen in VOTING, and everything else POLITICAL, ECONOMIC and SOCIAL...you say you want that REAL POWER, but you do not want to REALLY do what it will take to REALLY HAVE IT, or do you???

WILL = CHOICE, but ACTION = DECISION. you have the power to CHOOSE, but until you have CHOSEN (through your actions), it means nothing.

if you have ever watched the movie "THE MATRIX", you will see many people today claim that RELIGION or something else is the MATRIX, but the movie told you exactly what the MATRIX WAS, it was MAN-MADE LAW.

where was the MATRIX??? on a MAN-MADE COMPUTER SCREEN. thus in a MAN-MADE WORLD. how did the MATRIX WORK, through COMPUTER LAWS, those LAWS is what NEO could BREAK, MAN-MADE LAWS. what is a COMPUTER PROGRAM, its not NATURAL LAW, its not DIVINE LAW. at the end of the MATRIX what did Mr. Smith ask him, WHY???? WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING IT??? doing what??? PHYSICALLY FIGHTING BACK instead of just accepting the "CONSTRUCT PROGRAM" of MAN-MADE LAWS. do you understand me???

then mr. smith even quotes OUR DIVINE LAWS, he says is it because of LOVE, how about TRUTH, etc. he names them out of order, but he still NAMES ALL FIVE POINTS. did you ever notice that. why??? because they are REAL LAWS of FORCE DIRECTED BY WILL.

why am I talking to you about all of this, because this is that time we must WAKE UP TO OUR OWN RULE, we must wake up and COME INTO OUR OWN.

the MSTA is a RELIGIOUS CORPORATION, it is connected to the MDM a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION/ MOVEMENT, and that is the FORCE of the WILL behind both, the M.A.N. (MOORISH AMERICAN NATION), which is the first "M" in both of those names/titles. the first "M" (FIGURE ONE) is now taking the LEAD again, but in GOVERNMENTAL issues, thats what the "SGSMSTA-AT (SGRDNA)" is all about, and as we advance, grow, expand and develop, you will come to understand that even more.

how can we develop our own REALM, REGNUM, and REGENCY, if we do not understand how things REALLY WORK around the REAL WORLD, and then make those things REALLY work for us???



Our temple group of the MSTA - ALLAH'S TEMPLE (ALLAH'S BODY,ALLAH'S PORTION), begun between 1913-1929, ALLAH alone guides the destiny of our divine movement. we are re-building the MSTA into a NATIONAL POWER, and further into a GLOBAL DOMINION, are you interested??? Become a member, and be a part and partial of our universal uplifting acts. Contact us at 1-832-590-0022 or by email at allahstemple@gmail.com


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