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Islam/Salaam (Al Salamu Allah Alaikum),

our ASIATIC LEADERS here in north america are all confused of what it means to be a real WORLD LEADER, name one of them that has ever been one??? name one that was trained by one??? and when I say WORLD LEADER, I mean someone that has actually controlled MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of PEOPLE, their government, their military, their land and natural resources, their everything all other NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS have.

the closest things we have had to REAL WORLD LEADERS is PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI (asa) who actually dealt with the LEADERS OF THE WORLD, and was respected by them as one of them, and for the rest of the 1900's and 2000's it is BARACK OBAMA, and that's just the truth of the matter. you might be able to fit ELIJAH MUHAMMAD in there, as far as respect from many actual world leaders, but not in actually controlling a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, and I don't know of any REAL WORLD LEADERS that actually recognized him as the HEAD OF A NATION OF PEOPLE as the PROPHET (asa) had been???

as far as BARACK OBAMA, I am not saying I like or dislike him, and I am not saing I agree or disagree with him on certain issues, what I am saying is, HE IS THE ONLY ONE TO COME CLOSE TO HOLDING SUCH A HIGH OFFICE OVER A REAL NATIONAL GOVERNMENT IN FULL OPERATION OVER ITS TERRITORIES...

so what he knows and has experienced is what we should all being trying to learn, like that truth or not. his wisdom on the matter will be greater than anyone elses, because he is actually LIVING IT, and they have not.

now, to find someone else that is an ASIATIC who is a REAL WORLD LEADER, we must look to AFRICA, ASIA and EUROPE. that is also a FACT. and honestly, as much as I love my AFRICAN PEOPLE, their WORLD LEADERS have not LED THE WORLD in the last 100 years. no one on earth is really LOOKING TO THEM FOR WISDOM (GUIDANCE) ANYMORE. all eyes are on NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE and ASIA. they are the LEADERS OF THE WORLD today. thats just another fact.

we must begin to study REAL WORLD LEADERS if we want to be the next REAL WORLD LEADERS. and not all of these phonies and hypocrites claiming to be the EMPEROR or EMPRESS this and that, who have never had 100 followers under their leadership.

and we must go study the WORLD LEADERS who have had the MOST IMPACT ON MODERN CIVILIZATION, that's where the best education on the matter lays. as much as many of you like MARTIN LUTHER KING, as far as LEADERSHIP experience, he hasn't had anything on the LEADERS OF THE SOVIET UNION, CHINA, the GERMANY REICHS, the FRENCH COLONIAL EMPIRE, the OTTOMAN EMPIRE (over three continents), etc. its time to grow up, if you want to be in the affairs of REAL MEN.

everytime you say "THE AFFAIRS OF MEN" you should be thinking of REAL WORLD LEADERS, who are the modern GUIDERS OF THE NATIONS.

this is one of the major differences between HUEY P. NEWTON, and ones like JESSE JACKSON, who was JESSE JACKSON following??? who taught him to be a WORLD LEADER??? NO ONE THAT WAS A REAL WORLD LEADER, which is why in his entire career he has not really produced anything of MONUMENTAL WORTH in our UPLIFTMENT.

but HUEY P. NEWTON being a student of COMMUNISM looked to REAL WORLD LEADERS like STALIN, LENIN, MOA TSE TUNG, CASTRO, etc. whether you like those men or not, THEY ACTUALLY LED LARGE COUNTRIES. and that experience they had was also part of their COMMUNIST teachings. they could tell you what it is like to lead MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people. what it is like to really GO TO WAR on a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL scale. what it is like to have to PRODUCE and PROVIDE methods of FEEDING, HOUSING, CLOTHING, GETTING WORK FOR MILLIONS upon MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people. there is a big difference.

this is why on many occasions I sound different than the average negro, or so-called moor in many things I am saying, because I have spent YEARS studying REAL WORLD LEADERS, their thinking, their speaking, and their acting as REAL WORLD LEADERS. and that's where I am coming from.

when you begin to start studying REAL WORLD LEADERS, their REAL WORLD EMPIRES, and their REAL WORLD POLITICS, you begin to see where all of those UN-EDUCATED in REAL WORLD LEADERSHIP are going wrong, what they are wasting their time with, what is only true in their own minds but will never make it on the global stage, what real POWER is and why they don't have it, etc.

you also begin to stop worrying about things of NO HUMAN VALUE like TELEMETRY, ASTROLOGY, OCCULTISM, METAPHYSICS, SACRED GEOMETRY, etc.

this is why I make my members study ACTUAL WORLD LEADERS, not PHILOSOPHERS.

while most of the ignorant are trying to WORSHIP THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GODS which really did not EXIST, at least not as the GODS they were later turned into, I LOOK AT THE REAL PHARAOHS THEMSELVES, the ones who were REALLY RUNNING THE COUNTRY THE WHOLE TIME. I don't look at their religious beliefs, or all of that 42 spiritual feelings stuff, I LOOK AT THEIR GOVERNMENTS, their METHODS OF PRODUCTION, their WAR STRATEGIES, etc.

I am a MOSLEM, I already have my own RELIGION, THE ORIGINAL RELIGION OF MAN ON EARTH, so they can keep theirs, I am only concerned about RUNNING AN EMPIRE. I dont care what they thought the AFTERLIFE was like, I am concerned with REAL PEOPLE on this REAL PLANET right here, and right now. and anything I can draw from them for that purpose is all I am looking for.

so when someone comes up to me saying HOTEP (the GREEK VERSION) instead of saying ISLAM, because he thinks hes deep, or somehow more afro-centric, I just cant believe how far we have fallen from our REAL WORLD LEADERSHIP.

it is even funnier when certain ones try to insult (belittle) me and my leadership on the sly in videos,a nd internet postings, making little comments that they think are so deep/profound, but not realizing I am doing one level of this now, because it is necessary, not because I cannot or am not going take it completely to the next level. everytime I begin to, I see where something on these lower levels must be addressed, so I address them.

but I am finally raising ones that can completely take care of that, so I can focus on the higher levels of this. one of the biggest mistakes ones can and will make is that because I am not publicly speaking on certain things as much as others right now, does not mean they are not being worked upon. you can ask the leadership here, what is in the works, and how globally important it is for the TRUE MOORS.

after I finish a couple of more works, and address a few more issues, I will be able to go in the fullest direction I am going in as a MOORISH LEADER. and not as much as I have been doing my thing as a MOORISH TEACHER. and even then, I do it because I know that the best TEACHER is the one that LEADS THE WAY, and I am the FAITHFUL LEADER of the NEW GUIDERS OF THE NATIONS.

next year, especially after this MOORISH COVNENTION (september 15th-20th) I personally will be able to focus more and more upon the GLOBAL MATTERS, as our LIVING TRIBE has been established, you can come LIVE AMONG US IN THE FLESH. our LIVING GOVERNMENT has been established, you can come WORK AMONG US IN THE FLESH. and our LIVING SPIRIT has been established, you can come and DRAW FROM US IN THE FLESH. now we will begin to see who the REAL WORLD LEADERS are, and who is just running their mouths, its really time to ante up!!!

Moor to the Core: Islamism Forever

Peace/Suluhu (Wa Alaikum Al Salamu Allah, swt),

Allah's Minister (Imamu);
EL Ghazi, Prince Ka Saadi El (raa),
Supreme Grand Sheik (Shehekuu Tufuku).
El Reysh: Faithful Leader of The New Moors.
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