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Islam/Salaam (Al Salamu Allah [swt] Alaikum),

to whom is the LOYALTY of the MOORISH AMERICANS of ALLAH'S TEMPLE??? first and foremost it is to ALLAH (swt), secondly it is to the HOLY PROPHET (asa), thirdly it is to EDWARD MEALY EL (raa), fourthly it is to PRINCE KA SAADI EL (raa). but why???

is it just becuase of a SOCIAL STRUCTURE??? or some CORPORATE LAWS??? or some AUTHORITIES INSTRUCTION??? and whether ou realize it or not, the why??? tells us the WHO???

we are LOYAL TO ALLAH (swt) the source of our VERY SPIRIT, the source of US, not our flesh, not our bones, not our muscles, not oru organs, but US, the REAL US, the SPIRIT-MAN. that LOYALTY TO ALLAH (swt), is manifest as LOYALTY to the HOLY PROPHET (asa), why??? because of his flesh??? because of his bones??? because of his muscles??? NO, it is because of his SPIRIT, the very same reason ALLAH (swt) chose/sent him in the FIRST PLACE.

we are SPIRITS moving through this world, and we follow the SPIRIT that ALLAH (swt) chose, because it alone could RADIATE, ILLUMINATE, ENLIGHTEN, REVEAL THE LIGHT necessary for us to come CLOSER to ALLAH (swt), returning us to our vast estate.

we follow EDWARD MEALY EL (raa), not because of nay piece of paper, not becuase of any charter, not becuase of any affidavit, not beecause of any permisison slip, not becuase of any liscence. we follow him becuase the HOLY PROPHET (asa) saw that LIGHT within him, to carry out his MISSION on this planet. do you understand what I am saying??? the SECULAR (FINITE MINDED) only see the FINITE (body/blood/flesh/bones), they only see PAPERWORK, and COURT RULINGS, etc.

they see EVERYTHING BUT WHAT MATTERS, the SPIRIT, the only TRUE LIGHT in this entire plane of manifest. one of the greatest symbols of the SPIRIT is the "EYE", and notice that ALMIGHTY ALLAH (swt), and the SEVEN CREATIVE SPIRTIS OF BOUNDLESS POWER are all represented as the "EYE" (SPIRIT), get that??? so what should WE BE LOOKING FOR??? as the EYE IS THE DOORWAY TO THE SOUL (1/2 of the HIGHER-SELF).

we must be looking to the REAL MAN, not the FALSE MAN, we must be looking to the SPIRIT, and our LOYALTY must be to HIM and HIM ALONE.

when I say "HIM", I am speaking of the ONE CHOSEN BY ALLAH (swt) to be a REVEALER OF HIS LIGHT, which is the LIGHT OF AUGHT (TRUTH). we, as SPIRITS IN FLESH, do not respect or recognize the FLESH, or its POSITION (STATION/OFFICE), we respect and recognize the SPIRIT and its STRENGTH.

this is why ALLAH (swt) chooses whom he wills, according to those whom PLEASE him. and this PELASURE is not about who says ALLAH (swt) the most, or the loudest, or in the most beautiful language. ALLAH (swt) has a PLAN, and he is ever unfolding it to MAN (spirit-man), through MAN (physical man, spirit in flesh).

and those SPIRITS that HE SEES with his OMNISPECTION and OMNISCIENCE that are capable of doing the JOB, is whom is PLEASING TO HIM. notice in almost none of the cases with any of the PROPHETS, did he choose someone that was already a world leader, already had billions of followers, already were known across the planet, etc. he chose those who would DO THE JOB, and NEVER WAVER FROM DOING IT, and there are many on earth like that. but very few of those ones have the RIGHT SPIRIT to UNDERSTAND (COMPREHEND) the LARGER PICTURE, the DIVINE PICTURE.

it takes the RIGHT SPIRIT for that. and if ALLAH (swt) sees that in someone, then all SPIRITS on earth, in flesh, must also FOLLOW THAT ONE, because in doing so, they will know and understand what the RIGHT SPIRIT is, and thus BREED IT WITHIN THEMSELVES. how many of us have the WISDOM and INSIGHT to understand this, and then live it out??? when the HOLY PROPHET (asa) was not known to others as the PROPHET, wasnt he still the PROPHET??? even before he realized the GREAT MISSIONARY WORK that would be the calling iof his life, wasnt he the PROPHET???

and by the PROPHET, I mena HIS SPIRIT. he was not called to do the work as a PROPHET until 1924, but SPIRITUALLY he was always THE PROPHET, which is but an OFFICE. the whole time ALLAH (swt) had his eye upon him, office or no office, the SPIRIT is the same.

and this is what must be realized today, wethehr someone likes me or not, agrees with me or not, thinks I am what I say or not, it doesnt matter. it doesnt matter because I was called to do what I was called to do, and why??? because of my SPIRIT. and it is because of this same SPIRIT, that I am in the position I am in now, but position or no position, I will still be that SPIRIT that ALLAH (swt) has seen, and called.

and for HIS OWN REASON. so when some ask me if our group united with another would I mind stepping down from this position I am in, and I tell them sure, it is not a problem if the problem if the person is more qualified, but my SPIRIT will still be the same. I will not stop being me, and I will not stop being the one that ALLAH (swt) saw, and called.

even if the people here with me now, turned against me and went on without me in this group, I would still be the SPIRIT that ALLAH (swt) saw, and called to do the job. no one can claim this, nor manifest the work that ALLAH (swt) called me to do, or else he would have called them to do it.

but while many see only the FLESH, only the PHYSICAL, only the CARNAL, only the PAPERWORK, only the OFFICE, the SPIRIT sees the SPIRIT, and understands the dfiference between the FINITE and the INFINITE, and will stand 100% with the INFINITE, because that is the only place where their TRUE DIVINE AND EARTHLY SALVATION lays.

when the HOLY PROPHET (asa) had a problem within the ANCIENT CANAANITE TEMPLE, which obviously could not be easily remedied, they carried on in their ANTI-DIVINE WAY, but the ONLY ONE who was the ONE that ALLAH (swt) had called/sent to do the JOB was the HOLY PROPHET (asa), and yet their FINITE MINDS were not caapable of understanding this.

the TRUE LIGHT was in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended not, because it was too in love with the darkness. the same is today, how many do we have out here teachings everything BUT THE TRUE LIGHT, teaching all kinds of STRANGE IDEAS OF MEN, modern and ancient, teaching all kinds of CARNALITY, MANIFESTNESS, COURT LAW, PAPERWORK, FREEMASONRY, GODDESS WORSHIP, ASTROLOGY, etc.??? all because their finite minds cannot comprehend the INIFNITE (OMNIPRESENT); the SOURCE (FORCE) OF THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT.

all because they do not like what they PHYSICALLY SEE, or like what they PHYSICALLY HEAR, and yet they do not take the time to HEAR THE VOICE OF ALLAH (swt) as it spoke to the SPIRIT of MAN through the HOLY PROPHET (asa), in the exact ame way his VOICE spoke to all the nations on earth throughout history through HIS CHOSEN FAITHFUL. those SPIRITS he prepared and guided, those SPIRITS that PLEASE HIM.

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